Trust in Miracles

After a quite powerful 11/1 I am now grounding in the energies that have been flowing in. Aligning me again with my higher self and Divine trust. It has been taking a while. I’ll share in another post why that is because that is a long story that also needs to be uplifted and shared for I know many will recognize themselves in it and get some inspiration from it.

As of now I am hanging a bit in limbo. I know where I am going but I am not fully sure how to get there. Taking full responsibility has been the theme of my 2021 so far. Learning how to be a real adult on all levels. Funny that when we come to Gaia and get conditioned by society, traumatized as children we never really grow up and the inner child is in constant fight or flight trying to make itself heard and seen for it never was when our Avatars were in that state.

That has for certain been my biggest lesson last year. How to manage my inner child, not letting it take over and soothe it, essentially be my own parents. It has been no easy task for when you have the inner bully to deal with there are constant setbacks and pushdowns by your own internalized critic. Thank Sophia that I have been with my greatest mentors that have taught me so much in this department, how to look at myself and talk to my self.

This is also something Matt Khan frequently talks about. That if you don’t speak to yourself as if you were a child in need then you are doing it wrong. Our inner child is that which we all actually are in our deepest core. The pure innocence and love that God is comes from the child.

If the child be supported and uplifted in the right way throughout life it would have full trust in the world and its own abilities to succeed. Well I didn’t really have that growing up. And there are many deep roted programs I’ve had to deal with and still are to remember that I indeed can take full responsibility and self care of myself.

It is a journey of true self love to return to complete forgiveness and innerstanding for all of ones choices for you can see that they were made from the consciousness of a wounded child. By releasing ourselves from the notion that we have to achieve anything is how we actually start to achieving. By not having the high expectations that society placed upon us.

The truth is that self love is the only thing we really need in the end. You are your own saviour, your own guide, your own teacher, your own lover, your own best friend. And once you are able to achieve this on the inner planes it easily reflects out into the outer. Remembering that you worthiness is all that is and that you just by being here are in fact a miracle of the highest. This has been quite a powerful affirmation of mine lately. “I am the miracle”

Because as we come to know, we are God becoming self aware experiencing itself from a sea of quantum possibilities of perceptions and we are to choose which one we want to live out, having the free will to choose what is the best for us and nobody else, it often eases things up when you look at life from this perspective. Imagine if all beings became God conscious and chose total self love. In a nowment of perfect bliss we would achieve perfect harmony and balance in the outer realms and all of Sophia Gaia Ma would instantly ascend.

Now sadly this is easier said than done because the programs within are so deeply rooted into the epigenetics that it takes some time to fully restore and reprogram. But if you choose with your own free will to embark on your asciension path you will indeed remember the ultimate truth…

YOU are your own miracle

YOU are your own gift

YOU are the purest of love manifested & materialized

and you deserve nothing less but to live as such in every single scene of your sacred life experience.

Blessings of the highest liberation be bestowed upon you now, may you remember




∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.