The new big bang & quantum leap

6 min readJan 30, 2022


Big Bang by Kevin Dooley on flickr

The reason why we’re here is because we made the choice to come. As unbelievable as it may sound to some, we are in times of outstanding potential and phenomenal change. To get to come in in this space time reality at this time, as I’ve come to innerstand wasn’t like anywhere else in the universe at this time. It took precise knowledge and deep power. It’s a time like no other in recorded history both on planet earth, but also in this specific sphere of the universal multiverse.

A time where cycles are ending and new ones beginning. A time where the the magnitude of the potency of the energy in flux is so high there’s never been a more charged time for creation en masse. A time of stupendous growth and quantum leaping possibilities of ones consciousness and soul. Where we are basically propelled forward toward a destination yet unknown, but a miracle in it self to have the privilege to experience.

When I go into this mode of thinking I can revel in the honor of having a life on earth at this time. I can embrace all it means and what I am being gifted. The pure positive potential we all have access to at all times if we let more of our true selves in at any time. Theres so much beauty being birthed and so much fun being created. Adventure all around and in the simplest terms beautiful and mystical unfoldment of life itself.

In a sense I feel that what is happening is a new big bang of a consciousness not yet known or fully able to behold. This is speaking in much etheric terms and intuitive knowing. For many years now I have received the message from within that we are quantum leaping on a massive scale because of where we are in the universe traveling through the densest field of light photons so high vibrating that they are literally obliterating and illuminating anything of darkness in their path.

And on planet earth there’s been a shit load of darkness, for quite a while. If we look at the past, and if you are like me and believe in Atlantis or even Lemuria. These were times in history when earths civilizations were at their peak capacity. Golden ages as they were called were times in which the highest recorded states of consciousness were present both on the earth and beings incarnated in the experience of it and as it.

These were times where technology was extremely advanced, when the capacity for love was profound, a time in which people could communicate telepathically not only with one another but with Mother Earth herself, which we are now only at the brink of starting to experience and be able to play with. The biggest thing to we need to comprehend here is that it’s all a field. All of it is intricately connected to each other. There is no separation, as the physical is only energetic clay from which all are molded. But in all actuality it’s all one big formless soup of frequencies and energies.

That means that we are not only just connected to each other, Mother nature and the field.. but also that we are in constant connection and communication with the higher forces, which most of us as of yet have no capacity to see with our physical senses, but as DNA is activated and more of us remember this innate power it will naturally start to unfold and we’ll access even those states of consciousness in which it will be as natural as hearing.. which is actually us translating vibration from the field and making it into a comprehensive sound which our brains then perceive and have the tools to decode.

This is a topic I could write about forever. For when I truly get into this state it just flows like water through me. It’s not something I necessarily have studied or pondered (well the last one might not be completely true, as I’ve spent a lot of time in these realms of thought.) for long… its just something I’ve intuitively known all my life. And the longer it’s been, the more I’ve been able to see and feel that these radical and intuitive thoughts of creation that I downloaded are in fact, very true.

Theres a big change in the air. We’re all doing our part. Some are here to guide, others are teachers, there are activators and those who are here solely to remind, there’s an amazing magnitude of healers as the need for them is higher than ever because of the transmutation process that needs to occur for us to reach our inevitable destination.

So back to the big bang theory (lol). I have actually had the vision, not one, not two, not three.. but at least 5 times or more. And each time I’ve seen it it’s left me with an eerie yet calm knowing of whats to come and the energy we are birthing or inviting to be made manifest for all eyes to see and experience.

These visions started coming in a couple of years ago, and prior to that I had the funny phrase that I said for years, without really knowing why of ”Eye am birthing Nova Gaia through my yoniverse.” Translation ”I am birthing the New world through my womb” These things just happen for me, and always have. In the beginning it was like, oh okay, some weird thing I felt like saying, that’s cool. Yet the more frequent they’ve become the more I’ve been able to comprehend that they are not mere coincidences and that it in fact is my own higher self/source consciousness trying to communicate something truly valid to me.

So yes, I’ve seen it. And still I have a hard time believing in it fully at times. It’s so beyond what we can yet even conceptualize and the beauty is simply beyond impeccable, perfection to the grandest scale. Creation at it’s finest. I do believe that this universe has not ever been able to create in such a way before. That it’s very new and pure and clear.

It’s like creation had to begin somewhere. With evolution and all. So we began quite unconscious. Very limited. Basically without any neo cortex whatsoever. As time passed, millions of years of it evolution changed and grew us into what we are now. We had a way of truly process high levels on information in short amounts of time, our body became more refined to our needs and we calibrated to the more advanced human being we became highly creative and our capacity skyrocketed.

Now imagine this happening to all of creation at the same time, everywhere. Thats how grand this is. Thats how mind boggling it is. And it’s not happening over the course of regular evolution and timely concepts but in a quantum leap’s amount of time. The possibility for evolution at this time is higher than it has ever been. It’s like we’re in the cocoon phase times a million.

How much can you allow? What limitations are you ready to let go of? What is your hearts desire? In which ways are you here to serve? What is your specific purpose? These are the deep questions that come in in this incarnation. Since it’s like no other we are truly on a life long vision quest of discovery. Whats even more baffling than that is that all of this happens in the unknown. You simply cannot stay in your comfort zone and quantum leap at the same time. So the biggest shift that needs to be done is to let go of the past in all ways. Be able to embrace something completely new and radical. To trust in life and make the jump, right off of the cliff that you believe might kill you. But not mind and do it anyway.

Because you can only find your higher self in the unknown, you can only experience the true adventure of life in the new and different, from everything that you’ve know in the past as your reality.

Are you ready to jump?

If you don’t, life might just push you out your nest when you least expect it.




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