The Holy Trinity & The Family of Light

Through my fall in consciousness… (I should probably stop affirming that and call it what it actually is, Quantum leap of shadow work!) there has been a lot of relationships and friendships that have fallen apart and or been restructured. It has all indeed been purposed and Divinely orchestrated but it didn’t make it any less painful.

In many senses I have hurt many long lost friends and they have done the same to me. It has been a give and take of pain so I could truly experience the growth that my soul and consciousness asked for in this Holy Sacred life.

Even many Family of Earth members I’ve completely severed ties with and haven’t spoken to for years because I was acting out my childhood traumas in many ways and was incapable of forgiveness.

Many such things that I have gone through in the past years have made me reconcile and put real effort into trying to restore these broken parts of me.

Because in fact all beings are me and I am in all beings, so the ones I hurt was only because deep down I was suffering in my own disconnect of the Divine and lack of belief that I deserved real love. So I unconsciously pushed beings away that truly loved and cared for me, I pushed these parts of myself away. And isolated myself very deeply in turn becoming the loneliest I’ve ever felt in my life.

I’ve always been a social butterfly and very unity focused, but when my Quantum leap of shadow work started I needed only but myself and therefore these actions that left me on my own were made by my subconscious self so that I could be in full hermit mode and contemplation. So that I could find back, all on my own to my true Divinity.

The past year has been the most lonely one of all, yet also the most united one. I met my absolute closest Family of Light. Two beings and a Crystalline child that have embraced me so deeply, I have never in my incarnation felt such deep love and sense of belonging. We are a perfect frequency match in soul essence and I see so much magnificent collaborations ahead when I fully embody the fullness of my soul and step into my true power.

These beings have completely selflessly taken me in into their home, fed me, mentored me, nourished me, replenished me, loved me and reminded me of that which I truly am. They have been so unconditional with me and the truest reflection of that which I truly wish to be. These beings are my greatest inspiration and fuel for my mission and life as of now.

If it wouldn’t be for them I would have never been where I am today. If it wouldn’t be for them I might have been stumbling around in darkness still. If it wouldn’t be for them I would have never remembered that I deserve more love, not less, even in my darkest hour.

My gratitude for them is of the highest and I am honored to be in their presence and in such deep co-creation with them both.

What this has made me think of is our first meeting. And many other such meetings with my closest Family of Light. As I am in a deep restoration process at this time within and without I have had an incredible amount of visions lately of first meetings with soul Family beings.

I have had dozens if not hundreds of recollections of meeting my tribe. Remembering all of the beings that have played and continue to play key parts in my ever unfolding alchemical spiral up of healing and embodiment to my Ultimate self and that first initial meeting when our eyes first locked.

As the mentors I’ve lived with this past year, my own Twin Ray and many others I can only see how each time I’ve met such a significant person how powerful that first eyegaze has been. It is like an electric fire of alchemy in it self, fully activating and reminding the being within of the importance of this one consciousness that you just got reflected by. It has been like the higher self has gone in to full “ALERT” mode reminding the lower self to remember.

It is a feeling of absolute home. A feeling of the deepest sense of trust. A feeling of true unconditional love. A feeling of belonging. A feeling of safety. A feeling of pure acceptance. A feeling of magick miracles.

These first meetings have been pouring into my consciousness and I have also had many new ones just in the 11 days of the year 2021 reminding me that all of the Family of Light is truly here and we are all working together and co-creating even though we may not yet be physically in touch. There are so many of us incarnated at this time, magnetizing one another because we are one anothers keys and codes & cooperative components in the birthing of Nova Gaia.

After a year stumbling blindly around in the darkest parts of me and my own consciousness I am finally being returned to true Unity consciousness and rememberence that without my Family I am nothing.

Without my Family I am lost, may it be Family of Light or Family of Earth. Without my tribe I cannot achieve even the smallest task, for within you all I have placed bits and pieces of my own soul, that when I interact with you I reclaim and put back the puzzle of my own embodiment within and without.

These visions of meeting all of you have reminded me so deeply of why I am truly here. It is not to rise and thrive on my own. It is to share and rise as a WHOLE.

We are here for the Collective Consciousness and for that to be fully restored we have to restore the Family within first.

The Holy Trinity of the Divine Mother ~ Divine Father ~ Divine Child.

The Holy Trinity of the Darkness ~ the Light ~ the Shadow.

The Holy Trinity of the Creatrix ~ Creator ~ Creation.

The Holy Trinity of the Holy Spirit ~ Mother ~ Daughter.

The Holy Trinity of the Holy Spirit ~ Father ~ Son.

The Holy Trinity is the Key to all. It is the pure symbol of the Holy vehicle of Light Merkaba, that which is my souls true name. The Holy Trinity is the perfect equilibrium and balance of all of creation. The Holy Trinity is what is the true Divine Holy Sacred Union of all.

When we reach the state of the Holy Trinity being restored Within then we are in true communion with our Godself, Godhead, Allself, Atman, Source, Sophia God.

It is then and only then that we can master the realms of creation and truly experience the Heaven on Earth that we came to live out and bring about.

My highest of blessings to you all, in deep honor and gratitude to share my Holy Sacred life of Sophia Gaia Ma’s asciension process with you and have the gift of playing together in form and formless.

May we all magnetize and attract eachother only to remember that we are already one another.

Blessed be me, blessed be we, blessed be all.




∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.