The external is a reflection of your internal

4 min readFeb 28, 2022


I want to address the fact that we are all walking around in our own consciousness.

So this will be one in which we will dive deep into the secrets of the universe, innerstanding creation and what we are actually experiencing plus how to take back your power and stop creating by default using your observation as your template.

There is this saying that the world is a hall of mirrors. Meaning that whatever you feel inside will be shown to you outside. Some might argue that it’s the other way around. But I can surely tell you it’s not.

Why I bring this subject up right now is because of the current world situation.

I recently spoke to a friend and we bluntly discussed what was going on without going into much detail and she said something that really stuck with me. That she perceived Covid as world war 3. And now this is where I’ll let you go on to find your own truth, but I found a deep resonance with what she was saying. I too believe it was created as a bio weapon and fear tactic to scare and control. As we know, nothing in the external is really what it seems once we go deeper down the rabbit hole.

So the main thing here is covid started to disperse, people started to fear it less and less, where I live, Sweden the “pandemic” was officially pronounced as done in the beginning of February. Things started to go back to normal, whatever that is and so a new agenda had to be created to keep people in the state of fear and panic.

Personally I don’t follow the news and haven’t for many years. I don’t feel called to consume that kind of energy. I am aware and safe from the fear mongering that is always at play. And even if I come into contact with that kind of information I quickly shield up, alchemise it and let it leave my frequency.

This time there was just no way of doing that. It’s everywhere. So what I then felt was that I needed to talk about my perspective about it.

What happened was that I felt a need to call my earth mother. I knew she needed guidance and she’s always been quite a fearful being in the past. I knew it would come up. And of course as soon as I asked her how she was feeling she expressed the distress and anxiety she was going through. She was a wreck and told me how she’d had panic attacks and been crying for days.

I instantly shielded up and my angelic voice settled in. Like the roles had shifted I became the mother and started to soothe her.

So I told her that I have been telling her for years that this is coming. That I haven’t been knowing exactly how it will play out but prepping her and seeding her for the shift. And I told her that I don’t see what’s going on. It’s not in my external or field. Mainly because I have done so much inner work the last year, so much shadow work so that I do not have an inner conflict anymore. She listened carefully for the first time ever to my “woo woo” theories. I also told her that she has to make the choice of love over fear. That you cannot focus on both frequencies at one time. It’s either or. And that it’s time for her to choose, love over fear.

That is also what I’m bringing to the table here. The human brain is very simple yet complex. You simply have no capability of actually being in those two contradictive emotions at the same time, it’s not possible. And that the begs the question. Which emotion do you prefer?

I would say that all people weather they know it or not, prefer love. It feels expansive, accepting, open, warm, and satisfying. While fear feels contracted, dense, cold, heavy and unsafe.

That means that we are at the tipping point. Where there is a real, very serious, very important choice to make for the evolution of one’s soul to occur. What do you choose to fuel?

Because even in your fight against war you’re still creating more war.

Whatever you focus on you create more of. This is a Law of Attraction based universe and that is the creation process always at play.

I have made a very strong intention and choice. The obvious one. The only one really. Which has created ripples in my universe and the way in which I experience life to shift dramatically and powerfully.

If you just look within. If you start to observe the programs and thoughts that are running in the back of your mind creating your internal fight and external projection. Maybe then you can find a way to dissolve them and eventually not only create peace within you, but also peace on earth.

Much love and blessings,





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