Singularity ~ A poem

1 min readMar 6, 2022


I often try to rush

To be all that I want

Create all that I see

Unfolding within me

At times forgetting that

I’m ok where I am

That I still have myself

And she’s worth waiting for

Unfolding as I go

Through every wound I grow

Embodying myself

Uncovering much more

I am doing my best

Of that I’m very sure

Decoding my beloved self

Remembering my essence

Its more I thought I could embrace

And so I ran away

Yet now it is engulfing

Every part of my DNA

I know it will work out

The end is surely coming

But actually it is

My own truest becoming

The new is about to bloom

For all with eyes to see

It will be so divine

Something unrecognized

Yet all the now’s collapsing

Will only bring about

The realest, the most holy

That we’re all One and only




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