Sacred Sexuality — Flow of Abundance

We can only go as far as our own human experience has taught us. We can read in books, accumulate knowledge through receiving codes from others expand in conversation and reflection with another but words don’t teach, only life experience does.

What I share is from my own personal experience. It is the only way in which I CAN ”teach” because from my own personal stories I can see where I have been at ”fault” so to speak and in turn recorrect the inner workings by restoring my own programs and distortions passed on to me by my human lineage and the social conditioning I’ve come in to transmute.

The past weeks in my life has been a deep process of going back to the Great Mother, the Womb of No-thing, the void itself.

I have been here many times, but not in this sense being so completely engulfed by and consumed by the darkness yet also at the same time completely illuminated by its contrast.

The Original Innocence and Blueprint of my DNA has come alive to remind not only myself but also others in the essence of their most pure Divine spark of life and that which creates all life to flow with the rivers of purity and expansion of it all.

What I want to share with you is my own Blueprint and codes for the expansion of the Universe in which we reside. The tantric network that connects us all and holds the entire holographic reality together. How to be in tune with that field and let that force of creation flow unobstructed to be able to create from true purity and innocence.

In the ages of the patriarchy the highest focus has been the suppression of the Divine Feminine. The control of the wild woman and her essence. Now if you would go within and listen to your own inner feminines guidance, what does she crave?

She needs freedom of expression, and in the biggest sense freedom of her sacred sexuality. Her sexuality is her force of power and liberation in which she can and does create through. A wombyn embodied in that force is a women of power and strength.

Two of the deepest programs or viruses upon the planet and in the collective consciousness is the programs of lack/poverty consciousness and distorted sexuality.

How come something that is so pure, so holy and the true force of creation of existence has been able to be so deeply stolen from the Gaians and made into something negative and dirty. How come so many people still believe that money is the root of all evil and that sexuality is something to be hidden?

Because that is OUR POWER.

Imagine a world in which freedom reigns and abundance flows. Where love is free for anyone to be expressed to their choosing. The reason why these things are so deeply connected to the shame Emotions (energy in motion) is because shame is detrimental to the Ka body.

Shame literally breaks down ones Ka from being able to receive the flow of life or being in tune with it.

Shame has shaped the way humanity creates and limited the way we perceive ourselves in the deepest sense of our being.

The way this has mainly been done is in the creation of the harlot, the prostitute, the whore. The promiscuous woman that sells her body to be able to provide for her needs in turn being owned by a masculine.

Because in a world where the true essence and purity of a woman’s sexuality is in free flowing expression this can never be done. Embodied wombyns have and will always own themselves, provide for themselves and be fully self sufficient in their experience.

This is also the way abundance is so deeply tied to the liberation of the Divine Feminine, and her sacred sexuality. The pure force of creation that flows from the Yoniverse of an embodied wombyn is the force that comes straight from Source.

The Yoni is the portal of all Life, it is a wormhole so to speak to the non-physical dimension and a way to connect to the Godhead instantaneously. By abstaining from sacred sexuality or practicing distorted sexuality you literally close of your pranic tube and disconnect yourself from God/dess.

Both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine need to have this restored within and reclaim their power with the essence of life in all aspects of creation to be able to again be connected to the Godhead in purity and original innocence.

One of my favorite terms is ”Everything is connected” because when one starts to untangle the web of creation and sees it for what it is you see how truly deeply EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED.

The program of water being something of scarcity on the planet is also connected to this same energy.

Abundance is flow, sexuality is flow, water is FLOW.

We live on a planet that is 75% water. Even though we’ve been taught to believe that water is scarce because we cannot use the salt water for anything of necessity of the human vessel so we have to savor the fresh water resources that are few and far in-between.

Throughout history there have been plenty of technologies made for the alchemy and purification of water so that it can in turn be consumed but these have most often been patented and suppressed like all other freedom technologies.

What we also are programed to, especially in the western world is to take water for granted when it is in fact THE number one source of life on the planet. Are you grateful for your water? Do you bless your water? Do you consume it with reverence knowing it has memory and a capacity to entirely reprogram all molecules in your being with the intention you send into it before consuming it?

So by liberating your inner abundance you liberate the waters — you liberate sacred sexuality — you liberate the Divine Feminine — you liberate Gaia.

Water is intimately connected to the feminine, to the emotions and expression of ones capacity to embody the feminine.

All elements have an energetic signature of polarity.

Air — Masculine

Earth — Feminine

Fire — Masculine

Water — Feminine

The reminder here is that we are reaching for an EQUILIBRIUM. A balance of creation, a harmony and inner peace. This can ONLY be grounded as we find this EQUILIBRIUM within and restore the flow of the elements and the feminine and masculine forces.



∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.