Sacred Energy Xchange

Tantrica is something that in our western world is heavily distorted.

The art of Tantric Union is something most of us have been very confused and and led away from with the heavy conditioning & separation consciousness that has ruled this planet for thousands of years.

In this society we have quick fixes and patch up techniques as our way to relate to one another in most social and interactive environments.


Is the most distorted of these Holy of Holies actions that we can perform.

Innerstanding this takes a bit of puzzling together some of consciousness most invoking questions.

Why are we here? How did we land here? What is our purpose?

We are here because we chose to incarnate upon the planet to experience expansion as God consciousness through the portal of life of the Divine Mother that carried us in which we were planted by the seed of the Divine Father.

We landed here through the means of Divine Sacred Holy Union of 2 beloveds that chose to intertwine their DNA, merge their consciousness & soul in the most holy & blissful of ways and use their manifestation power for the highest of all creation.

To manifest & materialize an extension of a pure positive source consciousness BEing.

Our purpose is to live out these feelings of blissful INjoyment and to play as Holy creators of our God conscious experience and continue this EVOLution of expansion of the YOUniverse & beyond.

Now to bring this back to the way we have been programed when it comes to sexuality we can see how truly distorted and blocked from the most Holy act of creation we have truly become.

We crave touch, yet we are afraid to give it. We wish for intimate connection, but as soon as we start to establish this we choose to run away. We wish for true love yet each time we experience it we close our hearts and turn away because of being taught that we are not worthy of receiving something so pure.

We have so many limitations & programs surrounding intimate connection, what it can & should mean and how to express that part of us.

We have been taught to never express our own needs and almost turn it into a robotic ”get it overwith” kind of thing.

When what all we truly want is closeness, empathy, warmth, genuinity, innocence, purity, eyegazing, compassion.

In the O~R~G~A~S~M one can find God/dess.

In that pure state of bliss without any contradiction or judgement whatsoever is where we meet our true self. Our essence of LOVE. Of interconnectedness & intertwinement.

Because what does Tantrica really stand for?

It is the network that connects us all. You could almost look at it the same as the World Wide Web.

It is the pure energy of LOVE ~ EVOL that weaves it all together.

Tantra is the glue that connects us all into one BEing, one consciousness, one Source of all Love & Light.

And the moment you see this and truly start to use s~e~x magick as a means of manifesting your highest bliss, as a pure container of God conscious expression shared in honesty and truth then only that can be created from your Tantric Union.

May it be with a partner/reflection or on your own with your own inner Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine.

It is time we as a collective consciousness start honoring the Sacredness of this Holy art of Love and start using it to our advantage.

Because as all of you who are awaken know, this world has been ruled with the distortion of Sacred Energy Xchange as the main plot in harvesting the energy of creation from Mother Gaia.

We are highly sexual BEings.

It is how we come into form.

So its time to remember this highly beloved & sacred truth.

Clear the programs, clear the distortion, the shame, the unworthiness.

We are all here to purify the planet with LOVE with the art of Sacred Energy Xchange.

So lets return to this innate truth and take back our birthright of choosing how we want to experience our virtual reality dream, our temple body, the expansion of our soul & consciousness as one united BEing of LOVE weaving the Golden thread with the Energy of creation.



∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.