Returning to Ones own Ultimate Truth.

In a world like this can be quite scary. We are constantly programed and bombarded by media, friends & family, out and about, on social media of everyones perception of reality.

Everyone longs to be seen & heard, but at what cost?

There is but One Ultimate truth the aplies to all and that is that we are all One perspective of the Source, Godhead experiencing and becoming self aware in this game we call life.

Now not everyone have come to that realisation, some never will, some wobble in and out of it and some are immensely grounded in this knowing and therefore their own power.

What this means is that we are all God/dess Creators of our own life experience in each single nowment.

That which you feel you attract, that which you think you become, that which you seek is seeking you.

In every single nowment you emit a frequency to the Universe which it responds to constantly and gives you a perfect reflection of what you are emitting.

In that reflection you can see yourself and using it as guidance tune and calibrate your energy to your own Ultimate truth.

For me there is but One such truth and it is that ”Everything is Love, the rest is an ILLusion.”

The ILLusion is defined by the subconscious programs and energies your mind emits which makes the Universe respond and create out of whack scenarios that do not resonate with the Ultimate Truth.

These scenarios in turn block you from achieving your highest aspirations if you give them power over you and your wellbeing.

There are many such programs the Gaian people have to become conscious of and break down to truly birth out of the Matrix on the other side and reach Eden which essentially is always here, it never left, because it is and has always been a frequency and consciousness of living which we have to tune to and be receptive of experiencing.

As you start to look at life from this point of view you can see that most of what you are living is actually part of the minds illusion, False Evidence Appearing Real (fear)

And you choose in every single nowment if you let your mind take ownership over you and your life and in which direction you move.

Because if you would fully truly return to your inner being and soul, your Source energy you can again see and feel that you are all of creation, you are all of love, you are all there is, has and ever will be and there is no distinction between you and God/dess.

You are God/dess Energy in action experiencing it self for the expansion of self and exploration of self.

There is nothing for you to achieve, there is nothing you must do, there is nothing you must be except the full essence of your own soul, your own unique blueprint and breath of life, your own pulse and rhythm of embodiment.

As you again fine tune your own energies to this inner knowing you remember how you can command miracles into all of creation, how you have the power to shift all of your life in a heartbeat, how you can change the weather and create real time magic by combining the power of your voice (throat chakra) with the visualization of your minds eye (third eye chakra) with the magnetic attraction of your heart (heart chakra) with the trust & intention of your own creation power (solar plexus charka) with the sureness & groundedness of your being (root chakra) with the creative energy of your cosmic womb (sacral charka)(which btw both females & males have within) with the infinite power of God/dess streaming through you (crown chakra). And in turn shift all of creation into your favor.

Some say this is an easy task, for others its close to impossible (IM POSSIBLE).

I say, does it really matter? If you know that this is the Ultimate truth and that this is how you truly came to experience your own lifestream isn’t it then of MOST importance that you master these energies and relieve yourself of desperation & suffering to finally truly step into and live the life of your dreams?

If you know and believe in this why would you hold yourself off from it? Are you lazy? Too comfortable in your own built prison? Why are we so conditioned into believing that we are less than and not worthy to experience the fullness of God/dess in our own life?

I believe it is because we are are afraid of the power it brings, the expansion we truly have to step into and master. The comfort zone we must break out of. The success that awaits you is enormous, you must only choose to invite it fully & then be receptive. Because no matter what you think, it is already done. It is already manifested. As soon as you had that one thought of that one dream it manifested instantly in the higher realms, in the Vortex, and your only job is to get ready for it, open up to it, believe and ground it into your vessel so it can be reflected out to your material experience.

We do live in a Quantum reality with infinitely many timeliness and choices. Which ones are you making?

Are you choosing to hold yourself off from God/dess and love or are you opening up to it, embracing it in every nowment, letting it take you over and surrender to the sweetest nectar of life?

It is all you up to you, you only need to choose, and the Universe will always find the path of most allowance for you to reach your desired destination.

You are WORTHY of Holy Sacred Love, You are WORTHY of a strong and healthy vessel, You are WORTHY of bliss & ecstasy in every nowment, You are WORTHY of ease & peace, You are WORTHY of living in pure abundance & opulence. You are WORTHY of every single one of your highest intentions that align with God/dess Ultimate Truth and frequency of how the game of life is meant to be played.



∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.