Releasing doubts

All my life I have had so much trouble with trusting myself and believing in my own inner guidance. Especially when it comes to my own belief systems.

When we truly start to awaken and understand that on the deeper level everything comes down to which beliefsystems we choose to subscribe to in our REALity and that is in turn what manifests as out outer tangible experience that truly changes onese perception of life.

Being quite involved in the Asciension of hUmaNITY and all things spiritual this is one thing I have been working diligently on the past 2 years. Changing and “rewriting” my story of myself so to speak. Releasing and clearing away negative limitations and programs that have been placed on us by either our upbringing or enviorment or other people in our surroundings.

If you study the subconscious you understand that most of the beliefs we have are picked up at a very early age. From the age of birth to about 8 children use their subconscious to learn everything. They simply record and do not have any judgements about what they see. They are the eternal observer. So you can understand how crucial it is to trace back and remember what happened in those beginning stages of your life and maybe rewrite some negative beliefs you may carry about yourself or life in general.

My biggest focus lately has been the Abundance frequency and programing myself as empowered and worthy. These things also go very much hand in hand. You can be aligned with abundance and gratitude yet be unable to receive because of deeply stored feelings of unworthyness.Or the other way around, you can feel worthy and empowered yet forget to be grateful and appriceative of what you already have therefore blocking yourself off from receiving.

In my understanding these are some of the deepest wounds most of humanity carry and need to release to restore the balance in the cosmos and upon planet earth. We need to remember out innate birthright to be receivers of everything that we desire. Knowing there isn’t anything wrong with desire, it is in fact why we are here and it makes us grow and expand immensly.

Desire is in fact part of the human experience, it is how we create, how we shape the reality to our liking and it is to be praised and adored. Desire is one of our greatest gifts in the incarnation of the human experience.

Blissings x Merkaba



∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.

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∞ The Only Way Out, Is In ∞ Quantum healing, spirituality & consciousness.