Healing with meditation

2 min readMar 13, 2022


These days my favorite activity of all is to meditate.

Letting go and going in, to the realms of the unseen. Into the purity of me. Into the void from which it all stems.

I begin everyday with a 30 minute session.

At work I take my 30 minute break to go in again.

When I’m traveling in between places in the physical I close my eyes and turn my gaze within.

Before drifting off into the realms of sleep I anchor in a theta state in the zero point of me.

It’s so funny… I used to really struggle with it. Been doing it for 9 years but had trouble in really surrendering. Often experiencing this restless state where it was challenging to even keep my eyes closed.

Now it has reverse engineered itself and I instead struggle whilst having to look out at the external. Maybe struggle isn’t really the right word for it.

But I definitely enjoy my inner more than the present outer.

I get to play in my imagination. I get to experience things that have yet to become in the material. I am fully free in my activity. Everything is at my disposal.

It’s like lucid dreaming basically. Where I get to dream and create and spend time with my deepest hearts desires.

And also just the fact of tuning out the noise. Being in the stillness. Feeling my kundalini activating, moving around my body and alchemizing as I drift deeper into the subconscious mind.

It really is the greatest gift. Throughout this journey uniting with my inner self has been the greatest blessing and liberation from the suffering of the external constructs of the old.

When I am in my inner I am in the new.

Nova Gaia totally in bloom.

Golden fields of love all around and lavender skies above with clouds of silver sheen.

Everything iridescent and glimmering.

Illuminated from within, projecting a light that used to be unseen.

This is the world I am birthing from within.

This is what I am projecting into the real.

I am birthing something wonderous.

It’s ecstatic and it’s colorful.

Vivid, crystalline and beauty otherworldly.

Where each and every soul walk freely.

Cosmic energies naturally streaming.

As we are galactic human beings.

I long for this, oh how I long to make this world my own.




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