In the quest of our true self

I have made a decision. Since the ending of last year. That no matter what it takes, no matter what I need to do.

I am here, and therefore I will make the best of it and myself.

Meaning I radically choose me. In a way and with such profound energy that I’ve never ever allowed myself before.

That has come with some tribulations and shaking and stirring of my reality.

In a way I am here in a place where I’ve been countless of times already.

But in a way it is completely new. And unknown. And deeply lonely. And all engulfing.

I have been through so much in this life. And we all have, right?

Most of us if not all come in to an experience that has been deeply challenging in different ways.

For the expansion and growth of our soul to occur.

The spectrum of experience a human being can go through an incarnation is so vast.

And the wide array of emotions one has the capability to perceive can be even more grand.

So all my life I’ve been a highly sensitive, deeply emotional, extremely intuitive being.

And many if not all of these capabilities and superpowers I learned to shut off.

Because in society, those expressions were not seen as interesting or important or productive.

Its something I believe all empaths have to face at one point or another.

To shut off or to learn how to deal.

I am in the segments of my life in which I am having to learn how to deal. By choice.

I did not know until last year, how truly sensitive I was to frequency.

How receptive I was to my surroundings, and how I as a sponge simply absorbed all that was happening around me and without knowing how to I kept projecting that same stuff out again, in turn creating more of that same old same old experience and life, a vicious cycle I couldn’t seem to find my way out of.

It was not until I made the choice to leave my old life and old self, to really step into expanding consciousness that I truly got to see the spectrum of perception and translation of vibration that I hold.

And that was in a sense one of the biggest awakenings I’ve had my entire life. That because of my past and what my body has been conditioned to expect creating by default has led me to live and lead a deeply unsatisfying life so far away from my true values and ideas of what life is actually meant to be in this realm on the leading edge of creation.

Empaths are super beings, with a profound superpower. But it is only to an advantage if you have learned how to master and alchemize your e-motion (energy in motion). Meaning to be the steward of your own ship, the master of your instrument, the director of your emotion, the chemist of your inner laboratory.

The emotion is the creator. It is through the emotion we attract and magnetize to us certain expressions and experiences. Depending upon the frequency the emotion holds that’s what we have access to in terms of creation. And so if one is stuck in dense and heavy emotion, unable to move past or redirect it then your experience will stay the same.

The scene may change, the environment as well… but wherever you go you take your vibration with you, and depending on where on the emotional scale you vibrate that’s what you get. No matter whats happening outside of you.

Which means that no means of outer action can ever overpower your subconscious, that which you are programed to perceive and attract. Your subconscious is always running the show and if you expect bad, bad will come. Turn it around and you condition yourself to expect good, that will in turn be made manifest.

So what does this mean in terms of our lives and what we let ourselves be and achieve?

Well for the most part it means that we are perceiving through a very dirty lens. In order to create real, lasting change the lens must be cleaned. And the way that you clean is to look within. What are the fears? What are the emotions keeping you stuck in a past unable to perceive the true moment you are in with fresh eyes?

Observe them and work through them. Re-condition your body to expect a new way, reprogram your neuropathways to envision a new scene with a wholly different energetic spectrum of motion. It is only through the inner we can shift the outer. As the outer is just a mere projection of the inner.

When you start to tweak that, that is when you will get in to crack open yourself, the code and The Way.

Because we are here to live our best lives. We have it all supplied. We have such an amazing opportunity to transcend the old. And our capacity is far beyond what we’ve ever been taught to believe. And its just that, the fact that belief is lacking therefore we can’t remember our greatness.

I am on the quest, to remember my greatness. To embody my soul. To ignite myself. To love myself so deeply that the world just mirrors that with ease and grace because I chose to fuel and build that version of me.

All I can say is it takes time, and innumerable redos, resets and restarts.

But I’ve made myself a promise. That I won’t stop until I get there.

I will not give in until my love for me and all that I am and have ever been and will ever be is so all engulfing it trancends the illusion of separation from my true self.

So abundant, so overflowing, so it naturally washes over all and everything I come into contact with.

Because I do in fact know, who I truly am.

I have been shown, more times than I can say at this point.

And I chose that self.

That undefinable, infinite, eternal, magnificent, divine self that I know lives within me, and is awaiting to be crystalized and birthed.

It is not only my greatest desire to achieve this. But it is in fact, my responsibility to myself, my soul and Source and all of the ones we are playing with to realize myself to the extent of illuminating every single cell within my material body to the extent that they become translucent and vibrate at a rate of divinity reflecting out this inner being that I have within me, that we all have access to. Radiating out the grand central sun that is the projector of my consciousness. So that I can be an example. A reminder. And a guide. To show, that it is The Way, that we are all walking, just taking different turns on our path. But that the destination is inevitably the same, and we will all arrive with the full remembrance and knowing of Who and What we truly are.

The pure positive energy that creates Worlds.



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