Feeling good, no matter what

7 min readJan 18, 2022


What is the meaning of life?

Well you just read it.

If there’s anyone reading consistently I believe you already have observed one fact about me.

That is that I am a spiritual seeker and have been for a long time.

What I have learned over the course of my spiritual journey is this one thing. That no matter what, all that truly matters is always feeling good, or as good as one possibly can.

Personally this has been a tough cookie to swallow for me for some reason.

In the past I have been one to experience some very varied experiences, some of which were not all that positive.

That left me with some subconscious programming that has been keeping me from just this fact.

That life is supposed to feel good. And feeling good might be one of the most important factors of it all.

The biggest thing I’ve learned is from my favorite spiritual guide, which is Abraham Hicks.

I’m one of those people that has incessantly been listening to Abraham for hours on end.

One because it resonates so deeply of course, awakens my inner being, reminds me and aligns me.

The other reason is that I’ve been doing my best to truly program into myself this truth. So I had to do it over and over and over again.

I’ve listened to Abraham for over 7 years now. Often coming into certain periods of 2–4 months where I’ve been consuming nothing other but that. In those periods my life has changed powerfully and I’ve aligned with the truth of who I am and been able to become both more conscious and happy.

Then as I’ve stopped listening to it my frequency has gradually lowered because for one, I stop using the processes and second I’ve become less conscious of my language and feelings.

One of the things I’ve come to notice in a very deep sense this round of Abraham is that in the past I have even had this strange idea that I shouldn’t feel too good. That because most people who are unaware of what deliberate creation is and that they are literally at all times either allowing the broader sense of who they are or not and so therefore they are controlling everything they are able to experience and perceive, i.e manifest.

So when I’ve come into a really good state, raised my frequency dramatically and started truly achieving great change in my manifestation, something (most likely an unconscious program) has been coming into the back of my mind and I’ve ended up self sabotaging my much purer frequency and wellbeing by either racing into a new segment of life which I wasn’t fully ready for because I wasn’t completely grounded in this new frequency or simply started feeling like it’s not ok to be this happy JUST for the sake of being happy!

And oh what a strange thing, I tell you this. Discovering this I also observed that I am not the only one feeling or thinking like this. It’s quite a common thing. But I am so happy and grateful that I have for one in my life finally illuminated and made this aspect conscious so I won’t ever allow such a drop in frequency to ever manifest again.

So this is of course connected to the collective unconscious. There are sayings that literally make us believe that we should be wary of happiness. That we shouldn’t feel too comfortable being happy because something will come in and make you crash and burn. That happiness is naive, and that we’re supposed to take life seriously.

Well I have finally over the course of my own personal development journey come to the conclusion. That… fuck that.

I will not sacrifice my wellbeing for the satisfying of another and meeting them in their pity. I will not argue with someone that wants to justify their non alignment and despair. I will not fuel more distortion. Because it’s simply not the truth.

I’ve learned that misery loves company. And I’ve also learned that I don’t really like it’s shitty company.

I don’t feel like sitting and conversing about all the things that are wrong in the world. I really don’t believe that’s necessary or a fairly good way to spend my time. There’s just simply no point in it, at all.

Because what it does is just creating more of and fueling that one thing that makes us feel bad, so why keep at it?

Because people are taught to. Because it’s the norm. But I don’t feel like being part of the norm.

I want to be one of the weird ones. One of the radically happy, constantly blissful, pure positive energy beings. One of those that just annoys people who aren’t there with their happiness. Well ok maybe not that. But you get my point. It’s all about frequency, which one are you choosing to vibrate on? Wellbeing or not? Satisfaction or not? Contentment or not?

It really is that simple.

Of course though it takes some work to truly get there on a consistent level. Ive been at it for 12 years now. Trying to figure out this equation and how I apply it in my life full time. Because as I’ve written before being a highly sensitive being or empath a lot of time one just absorbs their surroundings without even noticing that it’s happening, and then you have to cleanse and purify your field to remove all excess vibration that wasn’t yours.

It takes a certain level of awareness to be able to be that conscious and not take on the environment.

Another thing is that as I’ve mentioned before. We are programmed by our life at all times. This happens mostly in between the ages 0–7 when the brain is in a constant theta state meaning that the subconscious is constantly recording & learning by watching its surroundings. So if you then have a lot of negative experience in those years, that will get stuck in your body and you will have to deal with it eventually or be ruled by the density of the emotions there for the rest of your life.

What you take on will then be constantly making itself know to you by being manifested so you can see it, illuminate it & transmute it. If you don’t, the cycle repeats until you do the work.

Emotions are the ones that are literally ruling our experience. The spectrum of emotion you have access to is also the manifestation you’ll be able to attract. Emotions magnetize and attract and thoughts create.

Thats where I am right now. I am illuminating & transmuting. I have been for years, but now on an amazingly conscious level where I really get to see what I am working with, which experiences I am releasing and what effect they have had on my life.

I can say that this is the most fun journey, especially now when I can perceive so much more. When you come to that level of shadow work that you can even consciously be allowed to see whats going on and the work you’re doing on yourself.

The best thing is that it is your journey. You get to choose how you do it. When you do it.

That changed my life the most, when I truly realized that nobody can heal me but me.

It’s not even healing we’re talking about in one sense because it’s simply the transmutation of density in the body so you can allow a purer experience of life, more truthful.

But it takes a while until one can see it in that way. It is absolutely a healing that is happening also, especially in the beginning stages.

There are many different ways one can do this, uncover yourself and peel the layers, I will talk more about these modalities and share how to use them for your own personal transformation.

For years I was obsessed with healers and teachers until I came to the firm understanding that no-one can do it for me but me. That is true empowerment.

They can remind you how you do it, they can push you in the right direction, they can give you tools.

But the true work of inner transmutation, only you can do.

And that is your gift from you to you.

So whats most important is to build your own spiritual toolbox. Gather different techniques and ways in which you can consistently make yourself feel better to allow a smoother ride.

There are many and one just has to find the ones that resonate most with oneself and use them when crisis arises.

But also productively to truly uncover the deepest layers and work them out. Those sessions most often happen spontaneously and are always guided by the non-physical.

I want to guide. I want to remind in the same way I’ve been by others. That you CAN take back full power of your life, that it isn’t just a joke or simply too woo woo. That when you truly innerstand how this quantum reality works, align yourself to infinite intelligence which you always have access to and stay present you can find something I call the nowment — now moment. That ultimate timeline of yours, that your true self has carved out for you long before you even came into your body.

That sweet delicious expression of yourself that feels too good to be true, but really is realer that anything of density that you have ever been through. And that that is truly where you are meant to reside, be, feel and express at all times.

That is what enlightenment means. Being so whole in oneself and connected to the truth of who you really are never wobbling out of your alignment with your true self.

Pure positive energy in all scenes of your movie.




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