Awakening to my souls light

Sometimes all I can do is to be fully immersed in my own experience. Right about now in my life is such a time when I feel so overwhelmed by love and whispers of my own soul constantly reminding me of the truth of who I am. An experience that has been gradually growing and expanding since my initial kundalini awakening 2017 but that has now taken on a speed and form never before seen. The choice of going fully sober is also making it all so much more tangible.

I believe the fact why I had such a struggle accepting my own inner wisdom in the previous years was just because of that. And don’t get me wrong. Now I am beyond grateful for my past and my years as a psychonaut travelling the universe with plant medicines and psychedelic substances. But that served it’s purpose and now is another day. A day in which I am literally integrating years of knowledge and profound infinite intelligence that has been streaming from my own soul to constantly bring me into alignment and embodiment of my higher self.

The vibrations are profound. The feeling of love never ending and constant. And the surprises never seem to end. The truth of who I am and my souls true origin and blueprint, what my human had denied me to embrace for years is finally coming to an end. It’s so real. It’s all up in my face and I cannot deny myself and my essence any longer. That means embracing something so radical.. that I kind of have a hum of what it is but cannot even begin to comprehend the full totality of. It is a true liberation of the Divine Feminine essence and all empowerment brought back to her being.

Oh the gratitude.

I now truly have a whole new innerstanding of why I am really here. Remembering birthing all of creation into form is noting less but extravaganza to the most sublime extent. There simply are no words. I’m reaching for a vocabulary that has yet to have been invented.

I bless it all.

With deep reverence,

Eya Merkaba Ana Mariyama

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