3 Grounding practices for the newly awakened soul

6 min readMar 1, 2022


Awakening by Terence Faircloth on flickr

Are you just beginning to awaken?

Have you remembered theres more to life?

Are you starting to see through the veil of illusion?

Have you finally connected to the broader part of who you are?

Welcome dear one, you are not alone.

We are here in masses.

What does it mean to awaken, really?

Let’s break it down. There are 3 key parts to this equation.

1. You inner stand that you are not this body only, but the consciousness within it.

2. You start to see through the illusion of Maya all around you.

3. You begin to comprehend that you have great power and that its your birth right to use it.

First we want to go through why somebody would awaken. There are several ways this can happen. And it’s always chosen by the higher self/soul self of the being inhabiting the body. Divine timing is always at play.

One and the most known is through rigorous spiritual practice for many years. You might have been meditating, doing yoga or breathwork for years on end without really experiencing any dramatic shifts, and then one day, all that pre work finally releases that one energy block that opens up a whole avalanche of consciousness to stream into your being. You see the world with new eyes. You have access to higher consciousness. You have integrated your work. This is the most common and well known way to come into an awakened state. Or at least it used to be. I believe that’s all changing because of the rate at which people are awakening right now.

Another way is through trauma. You go through some kind of life altering experience that impacts you deeply on an emotional level. This brings up the deeper philosophical questions to life of what is the meaning of it all and what is your purpose. It does often induce something called the dark night of the soul in which you are questioning all that life is and your own part in it. This often leads to spiritual depression where you might loose interest in hobbies, you can feel tired & disconnected, it can also feel like an emotional rollercoaster where you’re almost experiencing bipolarity, you have this new deep inner standing about yourself and life, yet you don’t know how to utilise it which might bring even deeper waves of sadness. You might need to spend a lot of time in solitude to reconnect to yourself and find joy and love again.

The last way I will discuss is drug induced spontaneous awakening. You might have a powerful drug experience (most likely with psychedelia) in which you frequency raises so high so that you open up your channel to receive new insights and infinite intelligence on a scale you’ve never had access to previously. This comes in as a wave of intuitive knowledge. And since it feels so real you have no other way but to accept it. But this might be dangerous in the sense that you have nothing tangible to lean on. So after you come out of the experience you can take the feeling of bliss and connection with you yet others might not inner stand what you are talking about and deny your new knowledge of reality, and this then might make you question yourself and if what you actually experienced was real or just a figment of your own imagination. This way can be quite ungrounding in the sense that you do not have any solid base for spirituality or what you actually experienced therefore it’s the hardest one to actually accept and integrate. Also because many of these experiences happen in a far from what’s normally perceived as spiritual setting.

You can also experience a combination of all or some of these paths to remembrance. Thats what happened for me personally.

I will be sharing my own journey in a future video, but for now let’s stay on our grounding practices.

Grounding practices

I want to share some integration practices that might help you find your center and be present with what’s happening for you. This is often a time in which all your values might completely change, you might feel a deep calling to recreate your entire life and live in a way that might seem very unfamiliar to the one you used to be. So it can be slightly dissociative in the beginning before you really anchor into your new consciousness.

After all you are becoming entirely new, the one you truly are within, blooming out like a flower from the seed of your soul.


Move your vessel! Your body is the vehicle of your soul. It’s the instrument you use to play in this reality. Whatever stagnated energy you have in your body will keep you from truly embodying. Meaning, energetic blocks which are dense emotion not yet transmuted within your body will create stagnation of the flow of energy you can express and create. Moving your body is the perfect way to help this alchemise within you so you can elevate what you’re able to manifest in your life. The new awareness entering your body is activating your DNA. To help the cells reconfigure faster and with greater ease you can help your DNA by moving. There’s 3 principles to this, cardio workouts bring you into your breath and help you build resilience, the deeper you breathe the more you expand and tune to your heart. Strength workouts help you build willpower and determination and fire and wire new neurons, it keeps you fit and toned and always at the ready.

Yoga or stretching releases tension and relaxes your DNA, the more you’re able to lengthen your DNA the more receptive you become to the deliciousness of life and better at allowing in the new.

Nature, Mama Gaia

Gaia, all of our one true home. When in doubt. Go outside. This is one of the best ways to ground new spiritual experiences. This is why most plant medicine ceremonies are held out in nature. Because we come from nature, it is our most natural state of being and connecting to the broader intelligence of the planet helps us soothe. Also everything in the man made is constantly charging us up with positive ions. Every time you go outside, walk barefeet, lay in the grass or hug a tree you literally transmute this energy and are able to release and become more negatively charged. This creates clarity, heals inflammation in the body, reduces stress & improves circulation. Plus you get to breathe fresh air which is highly important for you to stay aligned.


The way I see meditation is that you are gathering more of your own multidimensional selves into your body into this present moment. So you are literally becoming more whole. There are several different ways of meditating. You can do a guided meditation with a specific purpose intended, this is great for beginners. You can do a meditation where you solely focus on your breath, simply inhale and exhale, or even counting your breaths. Also breathwork, this should be a grounding practice in of it self, since its beyond powerful. But might not be recommended if you’re just out of the cosmic womb.

You can do a meditation where you are chanting a specific mantra. Either in your mind or out loud. Also you can do an active meditation by for example looking into a flame of a candle or sun gazing. If you chose to sun gaze make sure to only do it in the golden hour so you don’t harm your eyes. This is the first hour of the sun rising, or the last hour of the sun setting

Whatever practice most resonates for you is the one to choose. One thing to keep in mind with meditation is that you do it to find more stillness. When you are still you are inevitably grounding more of yourself into yourself. So you don’t have to go on a full fledged astral projection experience out into the deepest outskirts of the universe, that might definitely be unproductive if your goals is to ground. You can just choose to be still. More aware of your surroundings. More in tune with your body. More present in your reality, and that will help you come into deeper contact with yourself.




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