2020 the year of shadows

4 min readJan 6, 2021


A year of deep diving into the darkest parts of me, deep diving into the darkest parts of huwomanity.

Believe it or not the reason why we are here is less complex than you might think. It is a a lifting of the veil. A restoration of Divinity. An anchoring of your full God consciousness. A grounding of the fullness of your soul. A mastery of BEing.

As we rise in dimension we go from the law of karma and belief that we came here to clear something of density to full liberation and remembrence of God consciousness, complete free will beyond polarity and embodying the fullness of that expression which our soul longs for the most.

When we rise in consciousness our beliefs also change, they may tweak and turn a bit or completely dissolve into becoming something entirely new, profound, mind altering and liberating.

The rising can only be done by going through the deepest darkest parts of us which we have so carefully stuffed down in a subconscious drawer of denial and lack of love.

The longing of home we feel is the longing of our own souls. The ultimate truth is that there is no wrong or right, everything is relative and there are different angles to all truths to be observed from different perspectives which creates the ultimate shift in ones beliefs and full liberation of the limited human mind.

The ULTIMATE truth is that I AM.



I am a perspective of God/dess experiencing itself in one unique expression of embodiment as this being I am incarnated as, becoming fully self aware of my Divinity, self referencing and coming back to the only truth, which is that I AM.

As we reach these higher states of awareness things start to loose their meaning and gain more meaning at the same time, it is the sweet paradox of life, as we spiral we go up and down at the same time, embodying more of everything and becoming all, yet also opening up to the void and releasing all.

It is here where we start to gain more focus and trust in that all is in fact working out best case scenario and the key is to listen to the self, which is GOD/DESS.

Shadow work might not be the most enthralling of self cultivation, but it is definitely in my opinion one of the most important. The shadow aspects of ourselves is where we live on autopilot. Where we are acting out subconscious programs and belief systems that keeps us trapped in the lower dimensions and frequencies of living.

Have you ever noticed yourself doing something and then afterwards wondering why you even did it noticing it is a self sabotaging aspect? Or doing something and sensing how your consciousness isn’t even with you and you are basically checked out, eyes flaky, actions ungrounded?

This is where your shadow comes in and takes over. Where you are surrendered to unconscious acts of your lower self.

And so the biggest question is how do we face and heal this?

Well, by going in as deep as you can.

To dive deep into all of the shadow aspects of yourself. Let them fully play out, experience them, dance with them, make love to them, bring consciousness to them, illuminate their presence with your souls light and call yourself out on them. Do not deny or stuff down your shadow for that will only make it act out even more in your life. The shadow is like a child throwing a tantrum. It just wants to be seen, loved and integrated.

In my opinion the shadows all need to be lived out with full consciousness for one to transmute and integrate them. Do those things that you know you “shouldn’t” and do them with full intention of healing those aspects of you. For when you let yourself just be the way you are and want to express in each nowment you let go of resistance and follow the path of most allowance to your highest self.

The path of most allowance is the flow, the surrender to your inner being/source consciousness and it always knows the shortest path to all of your goals & intentions.

Once you face your shadows with full awareness you will come to a point in which you will see that that is in fact not the way you want to live and behave and that is when that action will naturally dissolve and that aspect of your shadow integrated into you being and fully embraced.

When we let ourselves play out all our aspects with full love and surrender it is then the path in which we accept and alchemize the subconscious patterns that do not serve us no more.

And that is when the blessings can finally pour over us. Because if the shadow is likened to a toddler in tantrum you can see that it too deserves more love, not less.

Blessings with love and healing be bestowed upon you





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